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Intelligent Immersion Heater Control
                     For Solar PV
SolarDivert is not just a simple immersion heater switch. It has the intelligence to take household consumption into account and varies the immersion heater power level accordingly.  
SolarDivert allows you to use excess energy generated from Solar PV to heat your hot water for free. Which significantly reduces your water heating bill over the period of a year. The system will produce approx half of your yearly hot water for a family of 4 with savings of approximately £170 per year.

Until now the only way to obtain hot water was to invest in costly Solar Thermal. A typical Solar Thermal installation is in the region of £4800*, it typically provides 60%* of the hot water for the house.

With the FIT rate decreasing for new installations from 3rd March 2012 you can increase the return on your solar pv investment by using your Solar PV system to supply hot water..

SolarDivert 3000 works with all Solar PV systems and all hot water systems fitted with an immersion heater. The system automatically monitors the electricity usage of the whole house. If the energy that is being produced by the solar PV is in excess of that currently used by the house then the system will switch on the immersion heater. It will only ever power the immersion heater when there is excess power that would have otherwise been exported.

SolarDivert 3000 will only trigger when the excess energy from the house is in excess of that needed to power your immersion heater. If SolarDivert is supplying power to your immersion heater and an appliance is powered on in the house, SolarDivert detects the change and if it is the case that you will import electricity from the grid then SolarDivert will switch off the Immersion Heater. 

SolarDivert 3000 is aimed at the domestic user who wishes to reduce their energy consumption and bills. SolarDivert will automatically run your immersion heater at various power levels dependent on the amount of energy being produced and consumed within the household.

The requirements for SolarDivert 3000 are as follows:

  • An electricity meter that will only flash when importing electricity. 
  • An immersion heater fitted to your hot water cylinder. For a 2.4kWp Solar PV installation and above 3kW Immersion heaters are recommended as SolarDivert can then run these at either the full 3kW or on low at 1.5kW. However if you have less than 2.4kWp, 1kW Immersion heaters are recommended as these can run at 1kW or 500W.

If you don't meet requirement one above. SolarDivert Lite may be the best solution for you. Which only needs a suitable immersion heater as outlined above. Please see the Product pages for further details.

IMPORTANT: Please note that SolarDivert does not use cable clamps to detect energy generated / household usage as products using these devices may be in breach of the EMMA patent. Details can be found at:



* Source www.energysavingtrust.org.uk